Набор анальных пробок b-vibe anal training kit & education set

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Описание видео: Medium Vibrating Butt Plug — Once you start feeling comfortable with how the small butt plug feels, you might want to add another sensation to the mix: vibration. Я на связи еще и здесь instagram.com/anna_bagrikova Купить здесь rozoviykrolik.ru/catalog/probki_i_vtulki/nabor-analnyh-probok-shots-media-b-vibe-anal-education-set-goluboj_85540.html СКИДКА Вводи промокод hannaplay и оплачивай картой при заказе - получишь супер скидку 15%+7%=22% (не суммируется с другими акциями) или здесь по выгодной цене : Поддержать автора и проект/ support the author and the project WMR 527738007925 WMZ 950457902094 Яндекс 4100 1153 5204 3296 QIWI 4890 4947 0788 5687 Cбер 5336 6900 0353 1789 Официальный сайт: bvibe.com/ Information from the official site Explore the joys of anal play with the new b-Vibe Anal Training Kit & Education Set. Every purchase includes a 50+ page handbook of the most comprehensive how-to guides on anal play, written by certified sex educators. Get a glimpse by checking out our most popular guides on analingus and how to prep for anal.... Zipper Travel Bag — Because why wouldn\'t you take your anal training kit & education set on holiday? 7. We consider it as the perfect go-to for a \'deep\' clean before anal play. Ready to add anal play to your sexual repertoire? Here are 7 reasons why the b-Vibe anal training kit & education set is the perfect partner to help you get started: 1. 3. Large Weighted Butt Plug — The two weighted balls (180g) inside this non-vibrating plug will help you to create a sensual feeling of fullness. Lubricant Applicator — This little gadget is one of those "best things you\'ve never heard of" or used, for that matter. Vibration also helps the sphincter muscles to relax- which is exactly what you want to do during anal play. Complete Guide to Anal Play — We\'ve saved the best for last. It does exactly what it sounds like by lubricating those hard to reach places. 5. 6. Anal Enema — No anal training kit would be complete without an enema. You can use vibration to stimulate your prostate or G-spot. Learn how to choose the best anal lube. Scroll down to learn about the 7 unique items that make up the b-Vibe anal training kit & education set. We created this 7-piece set to equip you with everything you need to safely prepare for anal penetration. Small Silicone Butt Plug — Designed to look and feel like a finger, the smallest plug in this anal training kit is slim enough for first-time anal play. 4. That\'s where our anal training kit comes in — Anal training means taking the time, care, and vital steps to prepare your body for anal sex. At b-Vibe, we believe that education is the key to enjoy anal play. Going from zero to penetration is a big no-no. Pro tip: Plugs are a great toy for public play, which has the added bonus of feeling forbidden or secretive. 2.

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