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Описание видео: There’s the night which only loves itself and death which only loves once. By a black-and-white shooting, contradicting the glorious colors from the previous decade. Salutes its heritage with an amour fou, a femme fatale and Paris in glorious, perfectly-lit black-and-white.... Concept by Ashish Noel: By using a pessimistic tone, suggesting that mankind is unable to change its destiny. The only com temporary element I could discover was the behavior of female lead Lea Seydoux: she behaves much more independently than her sisters from the 19-Sixties. By emphasizing on moods and impressions instead of on a solid storyline. Movie Introspection: A movie that shows a young tailor (Arthur) who falls for a beautiful stage actress (Marie-Julie) and thinks about quitting everything for her, including the old tailor who raised and taught him. Petit Tailleur\' (= French for \'small tailor\') borrows a lot from the \'Nouvelle vague\' film-trend, dating from the early 19-Sixties. Back then, \'Nouvelle vague\' (= French for \'new wave\') significantly changed the way of filming. It is an exuberant, vital short film that goes far beyond a simple stylistic exercise (Nouvelle Vague). By an extended use of close-ups. It would take more breath to kiss everyone and more time not to displease anyone. All these elements return to \'Petit Tailleur\', making it to an enjoyable gem of 45-minutes length. Our Instagram Page Link:

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