Coronavirus Updates: Some States Bring Back Covid-19 Restrictions; WHO Warns Pandemic Is Speeding Up

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Описание видео: Government and other developed countries $390 per vial for its coronavirus-fighting drug remdesivir, or about $2,340 for a typical five-day course of treatment. One of those states, Florida, reported a jump in its double-digit infection rate. #Coronavirus #Covid19 #CoronavirusUpdates — New Jersey halted plans for indoor dining and New York City said it’s considering the same move as other U.S. Gilead Sciences Inc. Stay informed with QuickTake\'s coronavirus coverage of up-to-the-minute stories on the COVID-19 crisis. Said it will charge the U.S. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: QUICKTAKE ON SOCIAL: Follow QuickTake on Twitter: Like QuickTake on Facebook: Follow QuickTake on Instagram: Subscribe to our newsletter: Email us at QuickTake by Bloomberg is a global news network delivering up-to-the-minute analysis on the biggest news, trends and ideas for a new generation of leaders.... States experience a surge in Covid-19 cases after reopening restaurants and bars. Deaths from the virus surpassed 500,000 worldwide and confirmed cases exceeded 10 million as the World Health Organization warned that the worst is yet to come. Tokyo reported more incidences of the disease, daily deaths in Iran reached a record and cases in Austria rose to the highest level since mid-May.

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