Dolly and Friends Funny New Cartoon For Children Compilation #4

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Описание видео: The world of our characters is magical and there are magic friend Witch pig and Genie. Subscribe and watch new episodes every day! By the way, here are their friends: a Panda is the best friend of Dolly, a little dragon is the best friend of Polly. Dolly is a cute little sheep. Other cartoons: Dolly\'s Stories Dolly and friends ALL SEASONS: SEASON 1 SEASON 2 SEASON 3 Birthdays, Halloween, New Year and others. #dolly #dollycartoon #dollyandfriends "Dolly and Friends" is a Funny New Cartoon For Children about Dolly. Sometimes they run away from ghosts and time travel to the past. They always celebrate holidays together. Her sister’s name is Polly. They even participate in the Olympic Games. They have Fun, love to sing songs, draw together, play games, learn numbers, learn colors, cook food, do sport, to help each other. A hedgehog, a mole and a ram also their good friends. She lives with sister. Together, they meet shark, whals, dinosaurs, a snowman and other residents.

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