Webinar: Centering Girls' Voices: COVID-19 and the Girls' Bills of Rights

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Описание видео: Too often, girls are left out of conversations about their rights and needs. This virtual event aims to spread awareness about the Girls’ Bill of Rights, share techniques on how to center girls’ voices during COVID-19, and elevate girls’ voices on the issues that matter most to them. We believe in putting girls front and center. Now, NGO leaders and practitioners are invited to learn about the next phase of this initiative and receive an education directly from the best experts on girls’ experiences -- girls themselves.... They are dismissed, overlooked, and denied a seat at the table. Together with local partners and girls around the world, She’s the First and Akili Dada created the Global Girls’ Bill of Rights, a by-girls-for-girls declaration of rights that was presented to the UN in honor of the International Day of the Girl in October 2019. The current pandemic brings with it more challenges to girls’ inclusion, especially for community based organizations as they navigate supporting girls during this time.

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